Finding Joy in Heartache

I lost the love of my life in 2020...only to find myself on a path towards self-discovery. Sadly, I lost my own identity while waiting years for flawed expectations and broken promises to come to bear. So to move forward with a growth mindset, I started reading my journals dating back to 1989--looking to trace … Continue reading Finding Joy in Heartache

Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking. I wish I had Bey money, bodied like Jenny from the Block with my natural 4c hair styled by the incomparable Felicia Leatherwood. I wish I had the poetic prowess of Nikki G and the the master mind of Stephen Hawking. I wish a love that lasted long beyond bars like Remy and … Continue reading Wishful Thinking

A Writer’s War with its World

Hello, We are pleased to say that you have been selected to participate in the inaugural... Boy was I excited when I received the email that I had been chosen for a mentorship program that helped "women of color" break through the glass ceiling of the publishing industry with guidance from agents, editors and writers … Continue reading A Writer’s War with its World

Never Forget to Ride A Bike

Do I recall the first time that I rode a bike? I think not. My memory is not lucid or clear. Oftentimes, I find that I am unable to even remember yesterday. But I digress.  My childhood was unlike other young persons who had the pleasure of being carefree and child-like, so the joy of … Continue reading Never Forget to Ride A Bike

Too Young, 2 Soon, Tew Much

Whenever I hear of artists dying at a young age, I am curious. Most times I am not aware they even existed pre-demise, but once I find out, I google their music, watch perfomances on YouTube, download songs if the beats strike a musical chord in my heart; and of course read social media posts … Continue reading Too Young, 2 Soon, Tew Much