To Be Black, Gifted and Not A Democrat

The morning of November 5, 2008 was bittersweet. I awoke to news that the first African American had been elected president, yet I had not voted for him. I am  young, gifted and a Republican, an anomaly for a black woman who grew up in the inner cities of Brooklyn,New York. I wept as I … Continue reading To Be Black, Gifted and Not A Democrat

The Tragedy that is Trayvon Martin

I admit it. I was one of the"first responders" to the Trayvon Martin shooting. Outraged, I inundated my Facebook page with posts and updates of the vile incident, hoping to incite those within my circle of web influence to action. I signed the petition circulated by to have George Zimmerman arrested...pronto. I then forwarded … Continue reading The Tragedy that is Trayvon Martin

Tomorrow is NEVER Promised

How ironic that the very weekend I would be volunteering at a camp for grieving children, that I too would revert to a childlike state as a result of the sudden, unexpected death of my grandmother. During the orientation for Camp Braveheart, the facilitators simulated a healing circle for the volunteers. Those who participated in … Continue reading Tomorrow is NEVER Promised