Let the New Year Begin!

So, no new year resolutions for me. Just a conscious decision to do things differently, to make lifestyle changes that will ultimately change the course of my life for the better. Of course, it encompasses the typical physical, mental and spiritual goals that are set annually and quickly forgotten within 90 days. But, I know that this YEAR is different. To prove this point, I am approaching this whole blogging process differently. It had become such a chore when it was designed to be a platform for me to share freely with joy.  I suffer from  a chronic disease called perfectionism and one if it’s debilitating symptoms is procrastination. In the aimless pursuit to be perfect, time is wasted and usually not spent very productively. Then, I look around and say, where did the time go? It has been sucked into a vacuum never to be used again.  Well today, January 1, 2014,  I chose to use my time wisely and it started with a trek. I felt rather Thoreau-ish as I communed with nature, met some interesting folks, asked some crazy questions, cackled like a hen and took some very bad footage.  I braved the trail of Alligator Alley and got a glimpse of a flock of roseates resting on the water. I peered through a telescope  and was amazed by an eagle’s nest. At the end of the day, it was 2 hours of time well spent in which I learned, laughed and loved every minute. Let the new year begin!

Car ride to Circle B

Walk on the Wild Side

The Wonderment of Bald Eagles

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