From A to Z

A Few Words about me…

 Acute adventurous advocate ambitious articulate Brilliant bubbly bullheaded Caring challenging congenial controversial creative cultivated Determined direct Educated encouraging energetic enlightened entrepreneurial Fearless Genteel Honest Ingenious intelligent insightful intuitive Jovial Kind Loyal Maverick motivated multi-faceted Northern Observant outspoken Passionate poised Quick-Witted quintessential Rational Reliable Risk-taker Smart spontaneous Talkative Uplifting unique Viable visionary vivacious Wise wholesome Youthful  Zealous

Actions speak louder

Every now and again, I get an unction to share my world view. So I write poetry, articles and I blog—sometimes. From the Kat’s Eye is my virtual soapbox from which I voice my opinion on anything relevant happening in the world.

I don’t impose my beliefs upon anyone, but I expose others to a different view. I am a catalyst for changing the way we speak to one another, how we dialogue our differences and fix our ears to listen to civil discourse.

I am a writer, teacher, and advocate, who goes against the flow of trending social justice waves.  I am outspoken and champion these causes: human trafficking, mass incarceration, literacy and the system of American education.  

It is out of love, passion, frustration and plain old common sense-I share my heart-and I am honored that you have taken the time to join me. So come, fellow human, let’s reason with one another in love, kindness and compassion.