Who I am…

Every now and again, I get an unction to share my world view. Hence, I blog. From the Kat’s Eye is my virtual soapbox from which I address anything relevant in today’s world, at least from my perspective. It is not my wish to impose my beliefs upon anyone, but instead to expose others to a different view. Perception is reality. 

As a writer, teacher, and advocate, I do not go with the flow of the trending social justice wave.  I am outspoken and champion the causes of: sex trafficking, American education, the school-to-prison pipeline, and mass incarceration. 

It is out of love, passion, frustration and plain old common sense-I share my heart-and I am honored that you have taken the time to join me.


                                                                                                                                     Writefully Yours,


Latasha D.

2 thoughts on “Who I am…

  1. This is my first time viewing your posts and all i have to say is….you’re brilliant and i enjoyed reading your views.

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