Never Forget to Ride A Bike

Do I recall the first time that I rode a bike? I think not. My memory is not lucid or clear. Oftentimes, I find that I am unable to even remember yesterday. But I digress.  My childhood was unlike other young persons who had the pleasure of being carefree and child-like, so the joy of … Continue reading Never Forget to Ride A Bike

Too Young, 2 Soon, Tew Much

Whenever I hear of artists dying at a young age, I am curious. Most times I am not aware they even existed pre-demise, but once I find out, I google their music, watch perfomances on YouTube, download songs if the beats strike a musical chord in my heart; and of course read social media posts … Continue reading Too Young, 2 Soon, Tew Much

Opposites Attract

Undeniably, men and women are different. Sometimes those differences are other worldly, hence the cultural classic Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I'm from Planet Brooklyn and here is my poetic perspective. by Latasha Drax from Metamorphosis of Rhythm Got questions or comments about the poem or my latest collection? Leave a reply, … Continue reading Opposites Attract

The “I” in History

What I have learned from the culmination of these experiences is that black pride does not disavow whiteness, but it does give voice, vision, and a sense of victory to people of color seeking to identify with the "I" in history.