Black by Default

It’s hard being black. Especially when your degree of blackness is often quantified by other black people–who consider themselves blacker than you.  Frankly, I am not sure how the levels of blackness are measured. Growing up, I was told by other black children in the neighborhood that I sounded white, in other words, spoke as if I […]

Encounters in Blue

I was young and reckless. All my friends were. We shared a f**ck the police attitude but it never occurred to us to verbalize such angst directly towards them. There was a fear of being identified, arrested or even worse shot. We just wanted to be bad without consequence. The best way to achieve that … Continue reading Encounters in Blue

Shameless Pitch

The name Tullian Tchividjian may not ring any bells of recognition but Billy Graham's name resounds aplenty. Tchividjian is Graham's grandson, the former pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and founder of the now defunct ministry Liberate. While Billy Graham's name is synonymous with evangelism, salvation and all things holy, Tchividjian, is known for his strong opposition to … Continue reading Shameless Pitch

Weakened Apologies

My Dearest Blog Followers, It is with a heavy heart that I apologize for failing to write for two months. I know that my faithful few look forward to me sharing my thoughts, life experiences and social commentary. To those, my heart aches for the neglectful behavior I have demonstrated towards you. Unfortunately, I was … Continue reading Weakened Apologies

Ban Hollywood not Guns or then again…

My original title for this piece was Ban Hollywood Not Guns. It was an attempt to shed light on the gun violence that is embedded in the entertainment culture which seeps into our general population.  Case in point, James Holmes walked into a crowded movie theater at midnight in Aurora, Colorado with multiple firearms and  … Continue reading Ban Hollywood not Guns or then again…