Editorial Services

Armed with the pen of a ready writer,  Kat’s InK offers a bevy of superpower editorial services to help ordinary folks, (especially poets and prose writers),  find their voice, choose their words, and write their vision. Whether you are an aspiring, novice, or seasoned scribe Katalyst InK is a launching pad to self-publication and more.  Your success is my ambition! 


If a picture can paint a thousand words, why not use my words to paint your picture? I am a wordsmith wonder woman with a knack for wordplay and polished, precise language that communicates its intended message.

  • Web Content
  • Ghost Writing
  • Business Correspondence (emails, memos, parole letters, etc.)


Every good and perfect written work had an editor. I am an editing empress with an eye for efficacy.  Whether it’s a basic, medium or heavy copyedit, with my help, your end written product will convey your individual, business or organization’s intended message with excellence. 

Basic Edit


  •  Correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation
  •  Correct word usage and sentence structure
  •  Check specific cross-references
  •  Check consistency in hyphenation, numerals, and fonts
  •  Check for proper sequencing in lists (such as alphabetical order)  
Medium Edit
  • Perform all tasks for basic editing
  • Change text and headings to achieve parallel structure
  • Flag inappropriate figures of speech
  • Check for consistent use of key terms and vocabulary
  • Track the continuity of plot, setting, character traits, and discrepancies
  • Enforce consistent style and tone within the manuscript
  • Change passive voice to active voice, if requested
  • Flag ambiguous or incorrect statements
  • Suggest edits and comments on the manuscript
Heavy Edit
  • Perform all tasks for medium edit line by line
  • Eliminate wordiness, repetitiveness, and inappropriate jargon
  • Revise for smooth transitions and organization of sentences to improve readability.
  • Suggest and implement additions and deletions, noting them at the sentence and paragraph level


Got proof that your finished written product is ready for publication or public scrutiny? As your visual vixen, I am the second, third and final eye you need to patiently reread your work for accuracy, consistency, and style.


Write Start: works best for developing writers, who are beginning a writing project, or for individuals who need a catalyst to motivate and support their writing endeavors.   

Write to Publish: is designed for those who are ready to submit a book project for publication. It includes ongoing written critiques with detailed critical feedback of a specific writing project, suggestions for edits and revision, and guided steps toward self-publication.

Tweet to Teach:  Are you developing an online voice or trying to establish an Internet identity to promote your brand? This customized program is designed for individuals, businesses, or organizations whose objective is to communicate effective messages using the preferred social media platform Twitter.  

Email me with a brief description of your project for a FREE editorial consultation. Rates for services are guided by the Editorial Freelancers Association.