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Suicide: A Brave but Bad idea

Suicidal thoughts do not always lead to the actual act but the mere thoughts are indicative of the consuming trauma, pain, and hurt that the person is enduring.

WTF!?…Renting while Black In Brooklyn

The fight is for the injustice of a city whose apartments give less but cost more and for the stench of gentrification whose underlying message reeks with “if we don’t want you, we will get rid of you” by any means necessary.

Finding Joy in Heartache

I lost the love of my life in 2020…only to find myself on a path towards self-discovery. Sadly, I lost my own identity while waiting years for flawed expectations and broken promises to come to bear. So to move forward with a growth mindset, I started reading my…

Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking. I wish I had Bey money, bodied like Jenny from the Block with my natural 4c hair styled by the incomparable Felicia Leatherwood. I wish I had the poetic prowess of Nikki G and the the master mind of Stephen Hawking. I wish a love that…

A Writer’s War with its World

Hello, We are pleased to say that you have been selected to participate in the inaugural… Boy was I excited when I received the email that I had been chosen for a mentorship program that helped “women of color” break through the glass ceiling of the publishing industry…

Never Forget to Ride A Bike

Do I recall the first time that I rode a bike? I think not. My memory is not lucid or clear. Oftentimes, I find that I am unable to even remember yesterday. But I digress.  My childhood was unlike other young persons who had the pleasure of being…

Too Young, 2 Soon, Tew Much

Whenever I hear of artists dying at a young age, I am curious. Most times I am not aware they even existed pre-demise, but once I find out, I google their music, watch perfomances on YouTube, download songs if the beats strike a musical chord in my heart;…

Poet’s Tips to Self-Publishing

Poetpreneur Latasha Drax shares her creative energy throughout her self-publishing experience with the substance and swag of an around the way girl from Brooklyn.


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