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WTF!?…Renting while Black In Brooklyn

The fight is for the injustice of a city whose apartments give less but cost more and for the stench of gentrification whose underlying message reeks with “if we don’t want you, we will get rid of you” by any means necessary.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking. I wish I had Bey money, bodied like Jenny from the Block with my natural 4c hair styled by the incomparable Felicia Leatherwood. I wish I had the poetic prowess of Nikki G and the the master mind of Stephen Hawking. I wish a love that … Continue reading Wishful Thinking

Poet’s Tips to Self-Publishing

Poetpreneur Latasha Drax shares her creative energy throughout her self-publishing experience with the substance and swag of an around the way girl from Brooklyn.

Opposites Attract

Undeniably, men and women are different. Sometimes those differences are other worldly, hence the cultural classic Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I’m from Planet Brooklyn and here is my poetic perspective. Got questions or comments about the poem or my latest collection? Leave a reply, … Continue reading Opposites Attract


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