My Books

are self-published to maintain the creative control, concept and creation of my words, thoughts and ideas.  

Metamorphosis of Rhythm

This lyrical journey evokes thought and cuts to the core to soothe, calm and heal, so a new creation can emerge–transformed. Metamorphosis of Rhythm paints pictures for its readers that connect them to each experience with melody and magic. MOR is an eye-opening, page-turning poetry collection of wisdom that loves, hurts and triumphs towards a path of enlightenment.



From Dusk to Dawn

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31 days of meditation, prayer and personal reflection to give hope to those enduring life’s journey.  Click the title to buy the Ebook available now on Amazon.  


Fruit of My Womb: Nine Lives Kat’s Story

A debut collection of poems that reveal the heart and nature of Latasha Drax, otherwise known as Kat, and ends with her signature narrative poem Nine Lives, the very definition of who she was, who she is and all that she hopes to be.