Encounters in Blue

I was young and reckless. All my friends were. We shared a f**ck the police attitude but it never occurred to us to verbalize such angst directly towards them. There was a fear of being identified, arrested or even worse shot. We just wanted to be bad without consequence. The best way to achieve that … Continue reading Encounters in Blue

Seen But Not Heard

I miss Malcolm X. Sure he died before I was born and I only know of his exploits from movies, commentary and the bevy of speeches he left behind. But one thing I know for sure, the African American community needs a Malcolm X today. In the eulogy delivered by Ossie Davis, Malcolm was described … Continue reading Seen But Not Heard

The Tragedy that is Trayvon Martin

I admit it. I was one of the"first responders" to the Trayvon Martin shooting. Outraged, I inundated my Facebook page with posts and updates of the vile incident, hoping to incite those within my circle of web influence to action. I signed the petition circulated by change.org to have George Zimmerman arrested...pronto. I then forwarded … Continue reading The Tragedy that is Trayvon Martin