Meet Fonzie

The marketability of feline fodder is apparent with the recent movie premiere of Keanu; a comedic romp about a kitten who is dangerously coveted by gangbangers and rescued by comedy duo Key and Peele. This farce inspired my own tabby tale of mishaps and adventures. I have always been a cat lover. Hence my nickname … Continue reading Meet Fonzie

Identity Crisis

I am Puerto Rican. At least that is the standing joke I share with close friends and family. The truth is I am black.  I lived off of  Graham Avenue, (Avenue of Puerto Rico) in Brooklyn and was immersed in Hispanic culture at a young age.  My mouth waters at the taste of arroz con … Continue reading Identity Crisis

Let the New Year Begin!

So, no new year resolutions for me. Just a conscious decision to do things differently, to make lifestyle changes that will ultimately change the course of my life for the better. Of course, it encompasses the typical physical, mental and spiritual goals that are set annually and quickly forgotten within 90 days. But, I know … Continue reading Let the New Year Begin!

A Super Bowl of Chili

I am no culinary artist but I am very proud of my homemade chili. So much so, that I always look for opportunities to enter chili cook-offs. Just recently, my gated community hosted such an event and I won by default because no one else entered. While they raved about my spicy concoction, it meant … Continue reading A Super Bowl of Chili